About Me

I'm Tilly.

Welcome to my blog!

Feel free to take a look around my Sims 2 stuff.

I mostly build houses, but there are a few recolors and some walls I share every so often, when I'm feeling inspired! In my Lots and houses, I try to add a little bit of realism, or some rustic charm. All of my houses are playable and most are unfurnished, with landscaping and wallpapers included.

I have Uni, Nightlife, BV, Seasons and Apartment Life EPs.

I also have a Tumblr (HERE) and I am the site owner of CherryBlossom Sims Forum.

You can find my other goodies over there, and many others too.


If you download my stuff:

Don't put it on your own site to download. Its bad manners.

Don't steal my textures. If you want it, you need to ask me. Other than that, enjoy!

Thank you for visiting!

I don't create for Sims 2 at the moment, but my Sims 4 blog will be coming soon! :)