Saturday, January 07, 2017

Dingle Dell

  Could this be the last.......

I was inspired to build this house by winter and snow! It is my final Sims 2 house for a while, perhaps forever, as Ive finally made the move to Sims 4!
This alpine home fully adapts with its surrounding nature. Inside the warm and cozy atmosphere gives it a unique look and feel.
This rustic home has large windows, full of light and spacious living areas. There is a lovely balcony at the front and a wrap around balcony to the rear, just so you can enjoy the mountain views. There is a large kitchen/diner with an outdoor covered terrace so you can dine outside (with a heater or two!)
The central staircase is quite a feature, leading up to two bedrooms and a bathroom.
Downstairs has a sitting room, cloakroom, kitchen, sitting room and a library/study.
The house is built on a medium Lot
You might need Seasons EP.

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