Monday, May 09, 2016

Lizzie Lane - On the Home Front

Lizzie Lane is an ordinary family home, set on the outskirts of London, 
during the Second World War. 
Most men were away at war, and women were working in factories, evacuating children and keeping the home fires burning....

The small kitchen is the centre of the home.
 Bear in mind that food is rationed, so there isn't much around!
There is a sitting room for spending time during the nightly blackouts (where all the lights in London were turned off) and a small radio for a listening to some music.
Upstairs has a double and small bedroom and a study/office.
You will notice there is not a bathroom in the house. 
As this is an ordinary home, the bathroom is outside....
The little garden has home grown vegetables and a few chickens scattered around.
Hope you like my little 1940s home....
Its furnished and ready to play.


  1. Its one of my favorite houses, i see it and i exclaimed "Oh I need to download this!!!!" ( specially with the vintage decoration.)
    I dont see Highbury hill Lot, where it is?

  2. That is very strange, it seems to have disappeared! Ill fix that shortly

  3. I do like your little 1940's home! Funny, but I wanted to keep reading the story. It has an "Outlander" charm about it. Do you also write? I would think you would be very gifted in that area.