Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Whale Song

Whale Song

Whale Song is an elegant, rustic beach house, standing right next to the shore. The cottage is large, with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs and a large outdoor terrace. The windows are big and airy so you can enjoy the spectacular views across the ocean.
The ground floor has a large kitchen with a breakfast nook, a laundry room, spacious sitting room and a reading snug.
There is also a good sized study and a surf room for storing surfboards and equipment.
The cottage is decorated in a rustic style with a coastal charm.
Residential Lot
Medium Lot
You need BV EP to play this Lot.


  1. hai, i have a problem with this house. .why so many blue objects and the terrain also turning into blue. .what must i do??*sorry for my bad english. .i hope you know what i'm saying about. .

  2. I will check the file for you and get back to you

  3. Hi,
    Ive checked the file and thought everything was as it should be. Ive removed a lot of cc and re-did the terrain. Hopefully this will fix the problem. Are you using Clean Installer to install the house? Please download the unfurnished version and let me know.