Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mrs Pepperpots Cottage

Mrs Pepperpot is a rather eccentric English lady. She lives in this lovely cottage though, set on the edge of the village. She loves to garden and look after the chickens, and this cottage has a typical English country garden, lovingly tended by Mrs Pepperpot herself.
The house has two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and lots of light and space. The ground floor is large with a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, study, and a reading room.
This pretty little stone cottage is certain to be a favorite with your sims!
As always, my lots are intended for play. Each one is tested and works well. I package with clean installer and remove all unnecessary files. (If anything seems to be missing, just give  me a shout and ill send you a link for the missing file.)
Lot size: Medium
Part furnished interior.
Fully landscaped and furnished garden.
Fully decorated.
(Thanks to all the fabulous Sims 2 creators who contributed to the making of this Lot)


  1. Love it but Can i get the download link to chicken coop i went there but its not there

  2. Hi Ginelli, I don't know what chicken coop you mean?

  3. Yes, those were the days! Love your work - Thank you