Monday, October 10, 2011

River cottage

This charming Georgian cottage nestles alongside a small,winding river. The house itself, is spacious with 2 bedrooms, but lots of room for a growing family.The gardens are fully landscaped,set alongside the river,with plenty of wildlife to watch on a summers evening. Unfurnished. Landscaping included.
Click on the pics for a larger view.

Credits in file.Thank you to the creators!


  1. Dear Tilly
    Thank you for your amazing work ! I really adore all your wonderful houses and downloaded almost all. But, despite you have changed the links, this beautiful River Cottage is still at Box and it's impossible to download it. I tried and tried, but no way. Could you please, fix it ? I'll be so happy to have it. Once again : thank you so much for your great work !

  2. Thank you so much. I cant access Box at all to get the file. It wont even let me login!
    Ill keep trying and post when I get some success! I dont have the file stored elsewhere.

  3. All done! You should be able to download now.

    1. Oh dear Tilly ! You are wonderful and make my day !!! Thank you sooo much. Box is really a pity, many sims2 files over there are now blocked.
      BUT, for us, I am very very happy and gonna try your beautiful cottage on game. Thousand times thank you!
      Mr H (CherryB)