Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sea Glass

Sea Glass

A small cottage close to the beach, blending the rustic style of the area with contemporary design, giving this little beach house a rustic, yet modern feel.
This one bedroom Lot is spacious and open plan in design. Featuring a bedroom and en-suite bathroom upstairs, which leads onto a small balcony area. Perfect for watching the world go by.
Downstairs has a large kitchen/dining area, a formal sitting room and a cosy snug. It also has a small artists studio space.
The garden has plenty of space for parking a boat or two, and a lower level dining patio with sunbeds to catch the afternoon sun!

Residential Lot
Fully furnished and landscaped
Some items may require University and Nightlife EP. (Usually fridges or deco).
Cleaned with Clean Installer, so no unnecessary files, where possible.

Here are the pics:

Monday, May 09, 2016

Lizzie Lane - On the Home Front

Lizzie Lane is an ordinary family home, set on the outskirts of London, during the Second World War. Most men were away at war, and women were working in factories, evacuating children and keeping the home fires burning....

The small kitchen is the centre of the home. Bear in mind that food is rationed, so there isn't much around!
There is a sitting room for spending time during the nightly blackouts (where all the lights in London were turned off) and a small radio for a listening to some music.
Upstairs has a double and small bedroom and a study/office.
You will notice there is not a bathroom in the house. As this is an ordinary home, the bathroom is outside....
The little garden has home grown vegetables and a few chickens scattered around.
Hope you like my little 1940s home....
Its furnished and ready to play.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Whale Song

Whale Song

Whale song is a rustic and elegant beach house, standing right next to the shore.
The cottage is large and spacious with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, leading onto a terrace. The windows are large and airy so you can enjoy the spectacular views over the ocean. The ground floor has a large kitchen with a breakfast nook, a laundry room, spacious sitting room and reading snug.There is a good sized study and a surf room to store those surf boards and equipment.
The cottage is decorated in a rustic style, with a coastal charm. It has a cozy and timeless feel.
The garden is landscaped and just perfect for a stroll down to the shore for a swim or to surf the waves. There is a dining terrace overlooking the sea: catch some fish and enjoy the lovely ocean breeze!

Residential Lot
Medium Lot
Fully furnished

You need Bon Voyage EP to play this Lot.

A huge thank you to all of the fantastic creators of this content!